Lighting for mobile tans

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Hello, just thinking ahead really. I use the black pop up tent for my spray tanning and have usually been lucky enough to either be spraying in a really well lit room or with natural daylight pouring into the tent.
I've tried a clip on light for evening sprays when there's no daylight available and found it kept swinging into the tent or just wouldn't stay put causing shadows. Recently I've been using a small bendy desk lamp and just move it around as I need it. Works okay but does make the client look a little orangy, and of course I still get shadowing.
My questions to you guys is, how do you light your tent? Especially once winter arrives and natural lighting is going to be limited.
Any suggestions welcome.



I use a little clip on light that clips on the side of the cubicle it's fab and does the job I got mine from the range not expensive only £7 I think I payed and it's pink always a plus:)


Kate :)


the original not the fake
When installing temporary lighting into any spray tan environment (I.E. the tent you refer to) ensure you use a low wattage lamp to avoid bulbs exploding if over spray comes in contact , use a low voltage system and ensure the lead is adequately out of the way avoiding someone tripping over it.
This may sound obvious but well erm -you wouldn't believe how many do expose themselves and others to unnecessary risk :eek:

The key is to install lighting that isn't to bright or spot light like as this accentuates shadows.

Good luck and remember..think safe tanning :hug: