Liz Earle vs Eve Taylor

I'm hoping you guys can give me some of your advice.

I have been using Liz Earle for 2 years now and I am a big fan. I have used it on a number of friends and family and they have always had great results.

I am going to be offering facials professionally now and I really don't know what brand offer.

I have looked at Eve Taylor as they have had great reviews and they are obviously more business viable as I can buy trade and there are great retail products.

I have contacted Liz Earle and there are no trade prices or discounts that they can offer, so if I were to use Liz Earle it will force my prices up. However I know their products work.

Would it be too confusing to have the 2 ranges, should I stick with one and which one should I go for?

Matthew Taylor

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Even though you know that Liz Earle works great, realistically how are you going to make a decent profit? Buying products at their retail prices wont be cost effective in the long run.

What if your clients want to buy products as home care, how would you do that? buy them at the retail price and not make anything on them?

Also, if using the Liz Earle products would force your prices up, would your clients actually pay this higher price?

You are obviously very into the Liz earle products and that is great, but sometimes you have to be realistic and accept that they arent a 'trade' brand.

Eve Taylor products are fantastic, they work and are affordable (but not cheap and nasty). Im a convert from Dermalogica!!!
You have a great mark up on the retail products and the professional use only products are a fab price for big millages!!!

Eve Taylor do a starter mobile kit for £80+vat which has more than enough to get started with and will really get you into the brand. Why dont you try that, do some treatments and decide that way. It willpay for itself within a few skin treatments!

Go with what you feel is right for you and your clients, and if using the Liz Earle products will be the best for both then you go for it!

Best of luck

Matt. x


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I,too, use Liz Earle on my clients. They love it because of the results AND the relaxing properties of the plant essences. About 30% have heard of her before and remember her from GMTV.I've also asked L E to consider trade set-ups so maybe if we all shout long and hard enough they will! I also use Proto-col; although it's got common ground to some extent, eg no animal products or testing, it is a contrast to L E.
Re Eve T I've read some good and some indifferent comments on the forum. Looking at the site it looks impressive to me and seems to have a good pedigree, in fact I've been quite tempted. It would seem to be so similar to L E that I personally wouldn't stock both.


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I started off using Liz Earle products in my facials, but was aware that it wasn't a "professional" range.

I then found a company called academie de scientifique de beaute (academie for short) who did a very natural facial which really floated my boat.
I was also extremely lucky that the month I decided to stock them they had a 50% off sale so I set up for half the price.

They offer retail and the moisturisers are lush.

The beauty of the facial is you use the same eye make up remover, the same toner (which is rose and orangeflower water), the same exfoliator (which is oatmeal) and the same mask (which you make up with the rose and orange water and apply it over muslin).
what is different is that you have 4 facial oils which go into each of the stages and a corresponding moisturiser.

The different facial oils are called

purification | nutrition | revitalisation | hydration

they also do anti-ageing facials and lovely retail.

I am now a gerard's stockist, I gave up academie because I wanted to offer body treatments that gerard's offered as well as facials.

gerard's enhance all of their facial stages with herbal extracts and essential oils and their body treatments are holistic and natural, using a lot of dead sea salts and aromatherapy.

so, why not check these out.

will try and get linkys for you.

Thanks for the replies.
I have bought in some Eve Taylor and I have using on myself but I have to say that I have found Liz Earles more effective. The ET moisture creams are lovely though.
Another problem is that my sister in law has hypersensitive skin and Liz Earle really works for her. We have tried some of the ET and it has bought up her skin, probably due to the essential oil base.

I know that it may not be the most cost effective range and that retail will be an issue but surely it is better to invest and offer a product that you believe in?

How do you charge and compensate for purchasing at retail prices?


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if you want to use Liz Earle, use Liz earle. the problem with it is you will not get any discount, if you want to retail you won't make any profit as they can buy it cheaper off QVC or her own site and you will not get any supporting posters and such to advertise your facials.

thats the reason why I stepped away from Liz Earle.


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If you use Liz Earle then you aren't really giving a professional treatment as the products are designed for a homecare routine not a facial. There are no professional exfoliants, oils, masques etc so your treatment will not be as effective as it needs to be.

Matthew Taylor

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Have you tried the 'Ultra Soothing Cleanser'.
That is fantastic for people with hypersensitive skin - full of soothing a calming colloidal oatmeal.

How many clients do you have at present?

Im going to be completely blunt here, but arent trying to be rude......
Why dont you just stick with using your Liz earle....... its plain to see that you are really trying to justify using it to yourself.
If you BELIEVE in the product and are happy to keep using it and making a small profit margin then stick to it!
At least you will be able to perform your treatments 100% and not be wishing that you were using something else.
It is fab that you have so much passion for using it! :)

Is that what you wanted to hear?


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Hi there people,

Im looking for a facial product to use in my salon, and have come across Eve Taylor. Ive noticed its aromatherapy products, so does this mean only therapists that are trained in aromatherapy can use them, or is it just they have some essential oils within the product?...Are they safe for pregnant clients/therapists to use?..


Matthew Taylor

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Hi there people,

Im looking for a facial product to use in my salon, and have come across Eve Taylor. Ive noticed its aromatherapy products, so does this mean only therapists that are trained in aromatherapy can use them, or is it just they have some essential oils within the product?...Are they safe for pregnant clients/therapists to use?..

They're fine for you to use - it just means they're essential oil based.
The skin care is fine to use during pregnancy!
If using any of the actual oil blends we suggest you stick to the Soothing Massage Oil or Blend No1 as these are 'safety blends'
Fine to use as a therapist even if pregnant

If you need any more help please contact us at head office: 01733 260161
Also join our Facebook group:


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I was also considering using Liz Earle. I think LE is really taking off at the moment and is becoming very popular. Such a shame we can't buy at trade prices. I have contacted head office via email. If enough of us contact them they may realise there is demand for it in the beauty/professional business and may re consider eventually!!

Come on Guys email away!! :) The email will be forwarded on to the Marketing Department.

email :-
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I love using Eve Taylor in my facials and my clients absolutely adore it! I don't find that it matters whether clients have heard of it or not - they come to me for a facial because they trust me professionally. They trust my choice of products, service and recommendations (not whether they have heard of the brand).

Eve Taylor also provide 'professional only' products, therefore you're giving clients something that they couldn't just go out and buy themselves.

I work from home but still sell quite a lot of retail, so again, Eve Taylor works well as I can make a profit from it. I've had clients switch from brands such as Chanel because they have loved the ET facials and the results they get. They have liked that Eve Taylor is affordable yet use high quality ingredients.

They are also a really nice company and are always quick to help with any queries or questions. I can't recommend Eve Taylor enough.
However, I think you should use a brand that you believe in. If you think that Liz Earl is better then you should stick with that. No point in offering something that you aren't fully on board with.