Liza in Nails by Kat Hanks


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Well done babe, just read the FAb article Kat did for the Nails mag.........
Your salon looks absoluty stunning.................
reflects you in a big way, smart, professional and so pink lol...............

Kat what a brill job ..............and this is on the record XXXXX
arghhhh I wish I had seen it - not got mag yet...
The article was great - truly an inspiration!

i've already pm kat thanking her profusely for her great write up (i've emptied out my inbox now, kat!)
great job as usual.
it was a breath of fresh air to have gd news after a dodgy wk, even by my standards, all i will say is VAT, inland revenue, landlords, & grammar school appeal boards :mad: :mad:
glad u guys liked it as much as i did!
by the way, paul's 40th was superb, he was made up with his pressies, i managed to secure him a chelsea football shirt signed by all the 2003/4 squad!
i also treated him to the new bose accoustic wave 5-cd system! ( i'm sure g.m geek will appreciate that one!)
liza xx
Oh Liza so glad this article lifted your sprits. Hope Paul had a brill birthday, His pressies sure sound good :D

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