Local support meet ups?


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I've been very successfully working from home for almost 4 years now. And for the first time, I'm starting to really miss having colleagues. I gain all my clients myself so never had a need to try and network with anyone else. I have no interest in becoming employed or taking on staff so I've been trying to think of other ideas.

I've been thinking about trying to arrange a local meet up with others in the industry - whether its just to have a coffee and cake or to discuss the industry / business / treatment ideas / tips / treatment swap ??? I'm not really sure. I'd also like this to become something I can use for social media. I see people from Business Networking Meet Ups doing this all the time. But I never see anything just for the Beauty / Holistic sector.

A few of my friends have become pretty successful doing Body Shop at Home, and they are always having meet ups, they post about each other online, give each other support and encouragement. They really do push each other to become the best at their game. I guess I'm a bit envious of their team spirit.

So I guess my question is ....how do I go about setting something like this up? Anyone have any experience? Anyone already a member of something similar? Or is this a ridiculous idea haha. x


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Hi Jemma,
I love your idea! Maybe you can go about making a Facebook group of your town or city beauticians and discuss issues, share photos as well as meet up.


Hi Jemma,

I agree with @ElectraKay, this is great idea! As previously suggested, you could make a local group and then create a poll on Facebook and ask questions like:
  • Would this be something people would be interested in?
  • How often would people be interested in meeting?
  • Would a set day work better or more of an ad hoc basis be preferable?
This may give you a better idea of what will work and go from there. I guess you don't need it to be a very large group to start, just a few people in a similar position to yourself will still be a great way to exchange ideas, network and have the community spirit you are missing from working from home.

Good luck! Let us know how you get on :)


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Hi Jemmabeauty,
It's not a ridiculous idea at all. I was a member of a local support group for my area for at least 15 years. We had guest speakers in all aspects of holistic therapies, and I even did a beauty led one myself.
Ours disbanded because support was low. It seemed that always the same few members turned out for every meeting.
I would have preferred an LSG to be around treatment swaps if I am honest, and refreshments where the atmosphere was relaxed and it is an enjoyable event.
The venue had to be booked up and paid for in advance so that could be tricky....unless you have a big enough space in your salon/area that can be rented for peanuts. We paid £5 per session , and it was fully supported as CPD by our insurers for attendance.
My friend that does more holistics than me meets up with her fellow holistic exclusive therapists in a pub for reiki shares as an example of what can be done.
Have a go at trying to enlist fellow therapists from your area and see if there's a niche group for you. Would your insurers have enough beauty members to be something that you could lead and try and get started...without causing a data protection issue? just my thoughts.
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