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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but it is sort of nail-related. Mods, please move to appropriate place if you feel it's not nail-related.

So if anyone's been on instagram or pinterest, there's these really neat little logo placemats people use instead of watermarks on pictures of their nails. I was looking all over for a place to get one done, but couldn't really find what I was looking for, so I did a little experimenting.

The solution- custom wrapping paper. I suggest getting a high resolution version of your logo made up (300 dpi at least), some chump change, and a week's worth of patience. That's all you need, and when it arrives, size it up to what you need, and get it laminated. I'm off to measure and cut, and laminate mine tomorrow :) I didn't wanna name where I got it from in case it breaks forum rules, so if anyone's curious, just PM me.



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I realize I could've done something like do a repeat pattern on photoshop, print it on regular paper, and laminate it, but I wanted a big sheet so I can cover the entire bit underneath the glass top of my nail desk. My printer only prints A5 paper and the quality isn't the best.

This is really good Chicka!


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Thanks, hun! I'm really happy with it. The quality is nice, crisp, and professional looking- not blurry and bleeding like my home printer. Packaging was in a nice hard cardboard tube and everything. Only costed me a cup of Starbucks. haha

Great idea Chickafish !!

Don't see why you can't post a link, peeps post fleabay links all the time :biggrin:

Your idea opens up other possibilities............ :D

Backing for my DIY Polish rack is just 1 idea :idea:

Oh, excited now...idea's flooding in :eek: :green:

Thanks for sharing this. I saw your post on FB and ordered. I can't wait to get it.
Forgive me here - someone needs to upload a pic with a set of hands on the paper. I believe the wording is far too small to read and I wonder if anyone would take any notice of the wording on the placemat anyway if they are concentrating on the hands. Anyone can cut around a background but not everyone can remove a watermark from a hand/nail.

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I love the idea Chicka. I've just tried it with my logo from Carl (302dpi print jpeg) and my logo is too big for each box that they allocate so it's cutting off a little of the first and last letters. I've tried zooming out but it's the smallest it can go. Bummer, I would have ordered this for my desk under the glass too. :sad:

Yours looks great, you clever thing!

I could be wrong but I do believe Carl from verve was talking about this type of thing recently. So maybe worth checking with him to see if he got anywhere with his designing of them & if he'd got as far as to where or what they'd be printed on etc etc


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I'm impatient and have been wanting something like this for several months so this is my solution. :) Logo size and such can be adjusted. It's more of a personal marketing thing. I like it and I'm too lazy to keep photoshopping my watermark in.

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Thanks to the wonderfully talented and creative Chickafish, I now have my order on it's way this morning. :wink2:
As well as going under my glass top, I will be covering the back of my little drawers that sit under my desk and I also think this will also be great for gift wrapping special retail purchases.

Thanks Chick :Love:
Me too! So much cheaper than all the alternatives I have been looking at. Thanks for sharing x


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Just a little tip for those placing their orders, if you do one big single image of your logo, it will be in even rows and columns. If you put 2 smaller versions of your logo diagonal from each other as a single image, it will come out like mine. That's why you need to make sure you have a good resolution of your logos (300 dpi to be safe) so it doesn't get blurry when shrunken.

P.S. Don't worry, mods. I'm not the one taking orders. Just giving pointers to those placing an order to that place. :lol:


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Great idea Lee.


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Thanks, Rinn :D

This is a Good idea I went for the completely free version it with an a4 paper off your computer and laminate it. It's cheap and cheerful too ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1393627887.944112.jpg


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I've become a bit obsessed with laminated paper. I spray water on laminated paper and stick it to the window. Better than tape or blue tack. Haha


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I've become a bit obsessed with laminated paper. I spray water on laminated paper and stick it to the window. Better than tape or blue tack. Haha
Hi Chicka could I have the link please. They look fab x

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