Looking for a new hair extensions supplier for pre-bonded!

Bei Capelli

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Hi, looking for some suggestions on a new hair extension supplier for pre bonded flat tip/nail tip/u tip?
I've been using Remi Cachet pre bonded luxury nail tip or elegance flat tip, I've been v pleased with the elegance. The problem I'm having is they are always out of stock on additional lengths website.
I've seen suggestions for euphoria 1, prestige, and angel remy. When I salon geek them all individually the reviews aren't that great for any of them.

Thanks :)


I’ve fitted a few prestige flat bonds recently and the hair is really nice.
I was looking to use remi cachet so that’s a bit disappointing if stock levels are an issue.


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i used euphoria one, always great customer service and the hair is lovely, havent used their nail tips but used their stick tips and the wefts. no complaints about the hair so far


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I use additional lengths and I tried prestige on 4 customers they all said the same ... not as nice as remi cachet additional lengths

Illusion hair extensions


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I use Glamlox Hair Extensions for flat tip

Bei Capelli

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I ended up using Euphoria one Brazilian Hair. Price was better than Remi Cachet elegance. When the hair arrived the thickness of each flat tip was inconsistent, some fairly thin. This made me very nervous before fitting and the colour was a little green so I had to tone before fitting. Application and feel of the hair In was very natural, and the client finds the hair easy to manage.

Since then I have fitted mini locks in Remi Cachet elegance, absolutely beautiful but pricey for a full head application. I’m looking to fit a full head mini locks, has anyone used Euphoria one mini locks? Or had any teething problems with any hair from euphoria one?

Remi Cachet elegance would be my first choice but the clients aren’t always willing to pay the price, they cheaper remi knot so easily !