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Discussion in 'Hair' started by jo-jo, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. jo-jo
    hi geeks,
    Have just started using L'Oréal colour, have a client who at the moment has regrowth of a base 6 and highlift in ends, she looking to go a highlift ash blonde all over weaving a few fine 9.13 through top, how best to go about this please.
  2. DanniP92
    what is the undertone of her hair? HL ash can still turn out warm if the client has a high percentage of warmth in their natural hair.. also, what HL has been used at the bottom? is it from an old balayage or grown out highlights
  3. Piercednige
    Hi jo-jo,

    I have converted to L'oreal 7 weeks ago in my salon and I personally don't like the highlifts in loreal they never seem cool enough for me.
    With being a wella Master Colour expert I have used wella for about 10 years and fancied a change.
    I love the Majirel colours but go back to wella for my high lifts.

    If you wanted to use loreal Highlift then you could use ash+ mixed with iridescent to counteract more warmth. If I was doing it in wella I would suggest 12/16 + 12/89 equal parts.

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