Loss of shine - gel- IBD

where do i start.?

Iv changed my gel nail system to IBD. I think its great. the only think im loosing the natural gloss shine when complete.

Iv thought of a few reasons!!! can any one help

Is my lamp not curing it enough so when im wiping the shine is gone?

im using nail wipes instead of ibd wipes.

can anyone help me please

Are you using the correct lamp for the gel?

What is on your nail wipes - is it correct - some gels need acetone to remove the inhibition layer where some dont want acetone to remove the layer.

What type of light and how many bulbs does it have? How old are the bulbs? The gel not getting cured all the way would be my first guess.

hi thanks for ur replies. the lamp im using doent have a nail. its not an IBD one which is the products im using.

It has 1 bulb. and about 6 mths old.

iv another lamp in the salon so will give that a try.

im using the Ibd Cleanse to remove residue

If you are not using the recommended lamp for your gel then this will cause you problems - some you might not be able to see as in undercured gel leading to potential overexposure issues.

You should look into a 36 watt 4- bulb lamp. IBD does require more light intensity than you are getting from one, possibly, 9 watt bulb.