Lost certificates for IHBC and City and Guilds from 1990 to 1992


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Hi, I really hope someone can help me with information on how to locate my certification from 1992 that has been lost in a recent house move.

I completed in 1992 at Dudley college my IHBC Health and Beauty Therapy and City and Guilds Anatomy and Physiology also City and Guilds business studies ran alongside this.

It now seems impossible to track these down and get them reissued as the college now have no records over 12 years old. I could look on City and Guilds site but you need the exact terms of course and I cannot recall them and as each search is £44 whether they find them or not it could be a little expensive and pointless!
I am hoping to go back into the industry after a long period of doing other things and would really appreciate any input or advice on obtaining these
Kindest regards


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It now seems impossible to track these down and get them reissued as the college now have no records over 12 years old.
That sounds odd. Has the college merged recently or had a fire? 12 years is no time at all and I’d expect electronic records to have been kept from the mid 1990’s at least. When I used to work in a University, I could access hand written student records from more than 100 years ago.


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Really? I am just hitting a dead end everywhere! I trained between 1990 and 1992 and as they changed computer systems 12 years ago they said they couldn’t find me on the system. She suggested I go to an open day and see if any of my old teachers are there as they may remember.. I am thinking I may have got some random person who just picked the phone up
They are still fully operational, what would you suggest? Thank you for your reply


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Definitely write to them rather than phone. The generic title is Head of Student Records but the person in overall charge might have another fancy job title. It sounds like you perhaps spoke to a junior admin person who isn't au fait with their previous record keeping systems and just gave you the brush off.
Provide as much information about the course(s) as possible and your full name, address at the time and date of birth.


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Thank you very much for your help and advice, I will try this next


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This happened to me as well when moving house. I took my exams in the 1980's. IHBC formed into the now VTCT and you can get a transcript from them proving you passed your exams with a unit breakdown. I got my C&G's copies no problem.

I called vtct as I wanted to get my level translated and was told it would be £40 plus per qualification and all old records gone, I still have my diplomas from 90 and 92


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Hi jessicaE,
I am not certain if I can be of any help but I have been a member of the "FHT" for many years now and I am insured with them .
My courses were also IHBC, IIHHT, during the 80's and 90's. As they have changed names so often it is confusing and can make any search more difficult . They're based in Hampshire, The phone number is 02380624350. Or check their website: Federation of Holistic Therapists.
I do know when I have rang to add on my new course updates that they are closed at lunchtimes.
Good luck to you I do hope you get what you need.