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Aug 5, 2004
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As I delve deeper into the world of nails (only on paper so far, but what the heck!) I keep coming up with so many more questions. Exciting for me, probably deathly boring for you lot! :D A lot of them probably also have very obvious answers that I am being dense by not knowing, sorry! Anyway, in my quest for knowledge, here's what I've come up with so far:
1. When creating fancy/glitter tips with l&p (like Glorsclaws lovely glitter mix for a bride), how long do those enhancements last? Can they been maintained like a normal pink & white l&p, or should they be soaked off and replaced with something plainer after time? And if you were to have to remove them, or the client only wanted them for a short time, how long do you think you could leave them before removing?
2. Presumably you can polish (by that I mean paint) nail extensions in the same way you would natural nails, so you don't always have to have pink and white? And you'd have to use a certain type of polish remover so as not to damage the nails? How often could you be expected to change the polish without damaging the nails, and do people allow their clients to polish their own nails at home, provided they've been given/sold a bottle of the 'right' polish remover?
3. If you did a client some nail extensions with nail art at the same time, would you expect to remove/replace the art at your next rebalancing, or would this also require removing and replacing the whole nail?

Can anyone recommend some good, thorough books so that maybe I don't have to be bugging you guys with so many questions? ;)
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If you had applied glitter acrylic tips and the client wanted to go back to pink and white (say after three wks) you could complete a rebalance. Thin all the acrylic on the nail and re-apply your pink and white. If the client wanted to keep the glitter permentantely you could rebalance using the glitter acrylic. Im sure there is an article on here that talks u through rebalances in more detail, cause im sure I won't b making much sence(im dyslexic so get a bit confused:confused: ).

When clients wear nail polish always recommend that they use acetone free polish remover. Acetone is what most people use to soak off enhancements.
Even acetone free remover can effect acrylic (can make them feel soft when used too much)so the customer shouldnt be changing the polish every day!

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