LVL lashes training

Hi Guys!

I have my LVL training on Monday and I'm really nervous... is it a difficult treatment to carry out? Do you all like doing this treatment? Is the course difficult?

I'm panicking slightly!!!



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I've not trained in LVL yet but would like to soon so am interested in how you get on and any responses you get to your post.

Good luck with it!


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I done the training last year, never had done anything in beauty before and honestly it's so easy!! They go through the theory, show you what to do on fake lashes and you have a go. they show you how to take before & after pics. Then go through the whole process on a client. You then do it/have it done and swap over.. That's it! It's really simple :) they have a laminated page with all the steps that you take with you so you can follow it with your clients until you remember the timings. Good luck with the training xx


Don't be nervous or panic, it's easier to do than you think, and the trainers are great and like the above post they go through the steps with you on fake lashes before you do it on the model, it's a great day! Good luck!! Ps try sit near someone with good lashes so you get good before and after shots!

Hi Everyone!!!

So I completed the training, it was slightly daunting as I was the only one there who had no beauty experience (Just a make-up artist). The training was really good but I feel I could have maybe benefitted from two days training rather than just one - it went past so quickly!

Here is my first LVL results on my partner I had during the training. I think they turned out quite well!

I feel ready to get practising to build up my confidence - it really is a great treatment to do :)

Many Thanks,

Tiffany xx


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Great job Tiffany they look fab! :) it will prob take you about 8-10 sets before u feel super confident :) keep referring to ur training manual and notes i found that helped a lot :) if you do struggle you can give them a ring they are really supportive :) or feel free to pm me i trained with Nouveau in LvL a few yrs ago :) X