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Discussion in 'Skin' started by cloverhill, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. cloverhill
    Hi Everyone!

    I've trained with the original LVL and have re-trained with their NEW formula & I'm just not getting the same results. It's not the amount of glue as I've even tried the original bonding gel on 2 clients instead of the glue & still, the results are not the same as before. I'm wondering if I adjust the timings to 16-7-5 instead of 14-7-5 would this help or would it not be good for the lashes being left on for 16mins? Ugh!!! Help please!!
  2. squidgernetball
    Did you receive the new timings?
  3. cloverhill
    I did & that's the timings I've been using with no big results? 12-7-5 ☹️
  4. tinkerbell80
    I've got the new blister packs and I've just increased the development time by 2 mins and the results have been same great results the lashes have still been in good condition
  5. cloverhill
    Hi & thanks for your reply
    So do you do 14-7-5 or 16-7-5?

    I seen on the nouveau Facebook group that someone left the Tint on for 6mins. Have you ever tried that?
  6. tinkerbell80
    I would do 16-8-5, and I've left the tint on for 6 before depending on the health and type of lashes.
    I would do 14/7/5 or 12/6/3 and on very fine lashes 10/5/3 I used to leave fine lashes on for 8 but longer now with new formula x
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  7. cloverhill
    Fab! Thank you
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