LVL -v- Ellebana


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Hi lovelies!

I offer LVL lash lifts by Noveau but I’m just not happy enough with the results, consistency is a problem and service is something else I won’t even begin on ‍♀


I decided to try out Elleebana after hearing great things, I did my first lash lift tonight using their products and very impressed! Read up all about the timings so feel fine with that (I’m a little OCD about finding as much info as possible haha) but the one thing that is concerning me, is that I’ve seen that you should rinse the lashes off after?
With LVL we’re told not to wet them and bar a little moisturising serum, we don’t use any product to ‘end’ the lash lift..

Elleebana people, help?
Does the water stop the lashes processing? Will my clients have over processed lashes if I don’t do this? Or does the tinting etc stop that..

I may be panicking over nothing but I’m reading horror stories and worrying!

Also any other tips I should know?

Thanks so much!!


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I use Elleebana with great results:
1 solution
Use a damp cotton tip to take off 1 st solution
Apply 2nd solution
Use damp cotton pad to remove solution and shield off the eye
Tint bottom and top
Damp cotton pad to remove
Good to go