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I havn't posted in The Skin Geek yet so its very exciting :lol: !!

I have been looking into doing a cosmetic make up course at college, but I wondered if anyone knows of a professional make up company that does product training (still being qualified and insurable at the end) a bit like Creative in the make up world I suppose im looking for!

Do any geeks know of anything like that? Ive searched on the net and come up with loads of make up schools and such in London but its not what im looking for really.

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There are loads of Make up schools out there such as Greasepaint if you google make up courses you will find loads. They generally are very expensive but if you are looking to be a make up artist they are great. i was looking to do one last year and had to settle for a college cosmetic make up course and I have to say I was quite dissapointed, it was part time (1 evening a week) and we jsut didnt have time to explore the art of make up in anywhere enough detail. I now just don't feel confident enough to sell my skills. Creative actually do a make up course which I am looking into doing.

So in summary my advise is if you are looking to seriously go into make up and can afford it go to one of the big make up schools (like grease paint) alternatively try somewhere like creative or a college but make sure that you ask them exactley what you cover.


Yeah the one at my college is the cosmetic make up course. I will explore the Creative course, ill look on the website now!

Thanks for the advice! :hug:


PS I like your picture!! :lol: