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Sep 29, 2011
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New Zealand
Hi, im wanting to prepare my facial table to look beautiful when my clients arrive with a runner and rolled up towels and flowers and all the trimmings. I'm wondering what you do with all the garnish before your client gets in/on the bed ? Do you fold down the covers to look pretty before or after they arrive in the room? Whats the rolled up towels for? I'd love to hear everyone's procedures/rituals for showing client into the room, getting them into/onto the bed, right through until the start of the facial please 🙏


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Jan 24, 2019
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north staffordshire
Personally my set up and routine includes:-

Fragrant candle to scent the air.
No garnish on my couch. Therefore non to remove.
Fold down the covers if it's a cool day and a comfy fleece blanket is needed, or just have it rolled up neatly at the bottom of the couch.
Rolled towels for under the head if you don't use a small pillow.
Rolled large towel or cushion to provide under the knee comfort whilst client is in the supine position.
Spray the couch area with aromatic mist as your routine commences.
Play subtle music if the client has no objection.
Hot towels (for feet cleanse ritual) and hot stones for clients to hold as the prelude to the facial.

I assume you are trained in facials ( Can't tell from your avatar ) Who's skin care line are you using? they often have an education program for new accounts that really are worth doing to set you apart from other salons.

For clients receiving a back treatment I pick some fresh flowers from my garden in a glass bowl of water just at eye level under my couch head hole for when clients open their eyes.
Clients always comment on how nice it is to see them. I use silk flowers if there are non in the Winter.

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