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Discussion in 'Waxing' started by tikilia, May 22, 2017.

  1. tikilia
    Hey, just after a little advice! I have been doing male intimate waxing for a few years now but never had an enquiry quite like the one this morning. The guy in question states he would like intimate waxing but suffers from premature ejaculation, to be honest I'm just not sure how to handle this! Has anyone had anything like this before? Any advice would be appreciated.x
  2. jacquelineanna
    Advise him you are sorry to hear of his problem but it precludes you from being able to offer your services.
    Full stop.
    The end.
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  3. DebDeb
    Lol I'd tell him that shouldn't be an issue as ùr not fondling him.

    If ur not comfy, don't go ahead with it.

    I'd take his money first and explain that if it's in any way sexual you won't continue and the money is non refundable for time /lost business etc
  4. DebDeb
    sorry, just realised this is an old post (on my mobile and it didn't load properly)

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