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Jun 28, 2015
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Hi ladies,

Slightly different question!

So, I had an interview with a regional manager after applying for a Salon Management role. She decided to place me at a salon to take over the current manager who was to be leaving and was briefed on slightly more hours that were required for the role, that I would not be on the floor as a senior, even a different induction booklet specific to the role was to be read and signed etc.

My first day on the job i am told that I will be classified as a senior until the current manager leaves in 2-3 MONTHS!
My hours arent what i was told they would be and the wages are much lower then I expected.
The 2IC from my knowledge is only recently qualified as a hairdresser and has been on a bit of a 'power high' to the point of just being rude.
The apprentices are very reluctant to help when I've asked for help with rinsing/blow drying etc and I'm really finding it difficult to judge where I stand exactly and how i should approach or deal with a situation, if I don't exactly have any authority.
The current manager has been great and accommodating although she has nit been in a great deal which is when the issues start.

Also, in my opinion the salon is run very poorly, there is a huge lack of cleanliness and the entire running is chaotic and unorganised.

I'd love to have your opinions on this and maybe some advice as to how you would aporoach this situation.
Am I over reacting?
I really would like to try and find a solution before walking, but for the situation and low wages I could be part time somewhere as a senior earning more and spending more time with my son.

Sorry to ramble!!

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