Maternity pay

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know the rule with regards to maternity pay when you are self employed? We are thinking of having another baby and I was wondering if I am paying NI contribution (admittedly not that much due to my low income) do I get statutory maternity pay?

I will ring the tax office tomorrow but I was just thinking if I didnt know the answer is may be a good question for others.

That depends on your self-employed status - basically, if you are regarded as an employee then yes (i.e. via a limited company). If you are a sole trader or a partnership, then no.

You may be entitled to maternity allowance fro your local jobcentre plus though. See Jobcentre Plus - Working Age Benefits Maternity Allowance for more info

hi, if you pay your stamp, you will get maternity allowance for 26 weeks, its aprox £108 a week or 90% of your wage (whichever is less), which isnt much, but it all helps, it starts from the day you go on maternity or the day you have your baby if you work right up untill the birth. if you dont pay stamp or are not entitled to maternity allowance for some reason, you should get incapacity benifit whilst your not working, but i'm not sure how long you can get this for!
hope this helps....

Its changed a bit - its up to 39 weeks of maternity allowance now, and its £112 - its all in the link in my first post.

Thanks for the information, just gotta talk my hubby into having another one! x