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Discussion in 'Nail' started by mischicks, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. mischicks
    Always a difficult one but what does everyone do price wise for friends?
    I don't mind discounting but dont want to be mugged off!! x
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  2. Rachel_GGN
    Mates rates is not something I do anymore. I used to do them in the very start of my busniness, it created issues, and people even went to the length of trying to become my friend just so they can get 'freebie' nails etc, cringeworthy to watch people do this so just stopped.

    I have a discount or a little freebie for everyone now and again, and thats it x
  3. beautyxperts
    I don't do "mates rates", why? Because I've found over the years they are quite happy to pay full price to another salon, if they aren't happy to pay full price for your services then they are supportive friends.
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  4. ciderella71
    I started it but recently stopped.
    I found any good mates are willing to pay your prices and support your business.
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  5. JemmaBeauty
    For my two best friends and my sister I wax their brows for free but all other treatments I tend to offer them around a 20% discount. I don't mind doing this as they purchase quite a few products at full price and they like to leave me a tip which often makes up for the discount anyway, and most importantly they never take advantage!
    I don't offer anyone else a discount. I think you can feel obliged when it's someone you know but it can become a slippery slope.
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  6. Unevenlemming
    There is only one person who gets their treatment for nothing and thats my husband!
    I make sure that my costs are covered and I charge less for my time than normal, I used to work on a beauty counter where its was 'free' and everyone took the pee often. I said to myself that if I worked for myself it won't happen again.
  7. Kuredute
    I have set limits for family members, who get my services for free - my mom, my sister, my husband and his mom (she always helps us a lot, so it's kind of my way of repaying her). All the rest have to pay full price, even my grandma, aunts and best friends. Sometimes, when someone helps me in a great way I offer them one service for free, for example, I was moving from one apartment to another and a neighbor spent her whole day helping me, giving a lift, etc., so I did a free service for her afterwards.
    It's really up to you figuring out, who gets free services, who gets discounts and who has to pay full price. However, I suggest You set these boundaries early (even if you just started recently and aren't booked) and stick to them, as well, keep count of these people as small as possible. After all, it's your time, your materials, your job - that's how you make money. There is no mysterious 3rd boss person, who pays you.
    Regarding friendship and discounts - that's the worst one. A person, who's great friend of yours at the moment, may not be so close to you after 5 years.. and then what? You're trapped - they come to you and you have to do discounted service, because you always have, even if you don't feel like it anymore.
  8. mischicks
    It's hard. Iv been a therapist for 13 years and only ever did my mum and my sister for free. Lately a couple of long term friends have started wanting me to do their treatments. I used to get out of it by saying I'm fully booked and only doing clients!! I almost feel obliged to give them discount even though I don't really want to! As you have all said its my time and money etc. Most friends I charge full price but there is always those few that you feel awkward charging!
    Thanks girls x
  9. Haircutz
    Staff Member
    What do you get in return?
    Can you do a treatment swap where they give or do something for you of similar value?
    If it's a one-way street then stay firm and keep to your prices. You're not doing this as a fun hobby for their benefit.
    When you're feeling awkward discussing the fee, think of it in terms of that person physically removing the cash from your purse.
    How do you feel about it now?
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  10. Rachel_GGN
    Service swaps all the way :) This is such a nice thing to do!
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  11. ciderella71
    This is very true.
    I had to ask myself if my friend felt awkward getting free nails.....I doubt it!
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  12. Beauty belle19
    All my friends pay full price and are happy (my best friend once said 'why would I expect discount you're reasonable anyway and less than I've paid elsewhere, I know you do a great job and I know you're getting the money over someone else'). I occasionally treat my best friends so for example if they were having £50 of treatments for holiday ill take the price of one treatment off and say I'll treat you to X. That way I'm in control of how much and how often (I probably do it on average every 4th time) They are really grateful as they genuinely don't expect it and I'm not loosing too much money. I do think mates rates can be hard to draw a line and you can be taken advantage of with people just having them because it's cheap. Any real mates won't expect it anyway xx

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