Men’s candy floss hair


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My bf is freaking out, his hair has been uncontrollable lately and could be one of several factors. He got his hair cut a few months back and when he came home it looked terrible, it really was like candy floss. The barber had used thinning scissors all over.

He is growing it out but he doesn’t suit it long as it’s thick and curly. But with the frizz it looks bad.

He is 34 as well so the hair could be thinning making things worse.

Any tips on what he can ask barber to do next time he is in or products for hair that has been ruined with thinning scissors


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Sounds like that particular barber isn’t very good at cutting curly hair. A lot of hairdressers also struggle to cut curly hair as it requires a different approach. Personally, I’m not a fan of using thinning scissors and very rarely use them.

I think he should change his barber and find someone who is more used to dealing with his hair type or even try a hairdressing salon. Maybe you could ask around for some recommendations?

His hair isn’t ruined though as it will grow and whatever cut he’s had can’t change the basic texture of the hair as that’s determined at follicle level. Things that can change your hair type include certain long term illness and/or medications.