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Hi there, was wondering what the area of Costa Del Azahara (think that is how it is spelt) is like in Spain. Is it an up and coming area, are there a lot of nail bars/nail technicians working there. Any information appreciated.


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Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
I am not familiar with the Costa Azhahara, but I can tell you that there will definitely NOT be a lot of nail bars or salons there.

There were no nail technicians in the area where I live NONE until I came here and started to teach. For 6-7 years we have been populating the area with good nail technicians and here in the Alicante-Valencia region we are seeing a small surge in nail businesses. In Moraira where I live, there are about 7 nail technicians operating and they are all doing quite good business. There are more in the Benidorm region and Alicante.

One of my best friends is now the Spanish champion for 2003, she lives in Moraira. I made her enter the competition in Barcelona :D and she WON -- no big surprise as she is very good and we worked hard on her skills for the 'concurso'. You don't get there if you don't plan for it.

Creative is very big here and a well branded name. There are a few german gel users too but only a few.

The tourist business is not the business to get into, in my opinion -- you need the people who live here and therefore it is necessary to attract a great many different nationalities to your salon. To do that, your skills must be high -- you must do pink and white and you must learn Spanish. Otherwise you are stuck with only the English and they for the most part do not want to pay or to buy retail as many live out here on a 'shoe string'. The other nationalities present have a lot more disposable income.

There are many difficulties in setting up in business here (getting the right paper work etc) ... often it is better to go into a salon and become an 'employee' in order to set up and until you learn the ropes. Make sure it is a TOP salon as they will already be attracting the clients you want.

There is more to Spain than a nice climate -- and beaches -- and the winters are cold ... living here is not a permanent holiday and working and being successful is HARD ... harder than in the UK if you are English and wanting to attract Spanish clients. So be prepared to slog it out for a few years. We work 8-8 with a few hours off in the afternoon -- unless you do English timing -- but I can never see why the English come here to live, ONLY to stay English in everything they do instead of learning the wonderful culture of this country and adopting its ways.

Spain is a wonderful country and the people are open and friendly, helpful and 'a little tricky' too which I like -- really canny. They really have their priorities right and know how to enjoy life but they work very hard too. They are quite private people though and family life is very important to them.

So think hard before you take the step - it is a big one - Buena suerte!! Good luck!!
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