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Hi there,

Was wondering your opinion. I have been doing nails for approx 4 years. Have one assessment to go before finishing my N.V.Q. Have worked as a mobile tech for 1 year, then salon for 2 years, then moved onto another salon and have been there for 7 months.

I absolutely love doing nails and it is so nice to be doing a job that I love after 20 years stuck in an office. Having my daughter at the grand old age of 38 inspired me to change direction and wow am I glad I did.

I really would love to open a nail/beauty salon in the future, but lots of people have been saying to me "better to stay as you are" very stressful having your own salon etc., but I feel that I want to move on. I would like to either have my own salon or become an educator, what are the pros and cons of both. Your advice would be appreciated.


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Well I'm not Mr or Mrs Geek, but I have been the owner of a small chain of three salons in my time so I thought I would comment.

There are pros and cons to everything and I suggest you write down a list of them in black and white on paper and weigh up the results.

Some of the cons are.

Larger overheads but will you have a larger business?
ARe you already fully booked? If so ...You can't do any more business than you are doing so the overheads will just eat into your profit. OR you will have to hire staff. Their wages will be your largest overhead and they will try to screw you every chance they get! Sorry to say this but I was a very good and caring boss and had a huge business that everyone wanted a piece of after they'd been with me for 2 minutes!! Staff (in the UK at any rate) regard anyone they work for these days as a stepping stone to where they want to go ... trouble is they think YOUR clints are their clients and that they can take them with them when they leave. And believe me the ones you are the nicest to will be the ones who DO you, THE ONES YOU THINK ARE YOUR FRIENDS.
A salon is more tying if you have a child unless you have already got good arrangements in place. Staff will be your biggest nightmare. Everyone said that to me before I started and I didn't believe them ... I was wrong. I did have some brillient staff over the years, but I had a few lemons too and the experience is very traumatic.

If this is the way you want to go ... then my advice is - small is beautiful.


You are your own boss and can control how everything is done.
Satisfaction is huge when you run a successful business.

As for becoming an educator ... this is hugely satisfying but very hard work in a different way from being in the salon. I am drained after a class as I give 110% and it is all about them GETTING IT! And it's my responsibility to see that they do!! But I have always loved it, and when you see your students winning competitions (many many competitions) it is a thrill and I am so proud of them.
A good nail technician does not necessarily make a good teacher, but if you feel you have the dedication it takes and you are an excellent communicator, then go for it.



Thanks for your pro and cons list. Very informative.

So do you think it is better to stay working for a small salon (I pay owner really good low commission rate). Or would it be more lucrative to open up a very small salon with say just two/three nailtechs doing nail enhancements, manicures, pedicures and waxing.

I can't seem to make my mind up. I love the idea of having my own salon, but I have a 4 year old daughter, so would have to maybe go in with another nailtech and share the costs. What do you think.

thanks for any information. I don't want a chain of salons, just one small exclusive great one.
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