Metal spatula


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Hey guys

I just wanted to ask about the metal spatula for waxing. As I'm starting my mobile business and trying to also be cost effective.
In a spa I previously worked in we used metal spatula. But I was only wondering if hygiene wise is good. I only wanted to use it for legs but as for intimate wax it would be the wooden spatula.

Any thoughts

House Beauty

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I’m never really sure of it. Some swear by them. But double dipping with wooden ones is frowned upon so it seems like a hygiene risk to me to do it with another implement. I do have one ready in case I ever ran out of wooden sticks but in reality I don’t think I’d use it again. You can’t leave them in the pot so whatever you rest it on or in gets covered in wax. Just more mess.


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Ah yeah thank you so much for that much appreciated


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I bought lots of them but in truth never used them. I use rollers on legs.


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I started to use one as the new wax system uses it but it’s to be wiped before it’s back in the wax so no double dipping at all