Microblading - how did you get first clients


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This is something I’m vaguely considering due to demand and nobody else offering it in my area but I have doubts.

I know someone who did a micro blading course a few months ago but has given up due to not being able to find anyone who is willing to let her work on them as she has no experience. Chicken and egg.

So I ask you, how did you get your first clients, enough to build a portfolio to show your work? I don’t want to spend lots on training only to find the same problem! There has to be a way! Thanks


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I done some friends and family first not charging anything, then when I started posting pictures and got more interest I done an introductory offer that was saving them £100, and have managed to build up a good clientele from that!


I did a introductory offer of £100 including top up to build my portfolio. I did close friends as my first cliebts to practice and use the pictures to advertise on Facebook . It took me awhile to get good buy in a slow learner and I just practiced lots xxx