Microblading, need help


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Hi everyone , im currently at college not enjoying things and am thinking about a change . I have alopecia and have no eyebrows or hair and im thinking there must be others similar . Im looking at training to do Microblading but not sure where to start ? Training costs seem to vary from £600 to £3000 ? Is there a quality mark / assurance i should look for ? Any help guidance would be really appreciated , thanks in advance Lily x


Hi there,
Microblading is very rewarding, I love what I do and have had many clients with Alopecia or medical hair loss, it’s been fantastic to make such a change to their lives.
I have had a number of people contact me asking for help as they feel they have been left high and dry by courses, they have been sent off out their to work on the public before they feel ready with an educator who they feel is lacking.
The most expensive course spent necessarily mean the best. I did a hell of a lot of research before booking a course and I opted to go with KBPro. 18 months after qualifying I know I made the right choice.
When I finally came to doing clients on my own I felt confident that I was armed with everything I needed to know, plus they are still always on hand even now for any assistance I might need.
The industry is on the verge of changing and I’m not sure it will be long before ( as I was told by BABTAC) they won’t insure a microblading technician unless they have a level 4 qualification. So I did my level 4 whilst doing my course.
So I would recommend you do a level 4. You don’t want to invest in a microblading course only to find in perhaps a years time you can’t get insurance or a local authority license because you don’t have it.
Be aware that whilst there is great earning potential with microblading it’s not a quick thing, the course is long, case studies are many and you need to get your name out there.
However as I said it’s a great career.
Good luck