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Hi, I’m looking to start a new business. Sick of working for someone else and I’ve always had a flare for beauty but never decided to follow that route. I’ve found a few course that are all fully credited and come with a level 4 certificate which each take 6 months to complete. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who could point me in the right direction, have a few questions like:
• what company did you use and how much £
• how long was the course
• what else I will need after completing my course (licence and insurance)
• what could I do about my treatment room, I don’t want to do it from home as I live in a shut street which isn’t practical, so like a log cabin or renting a room? Any other ideas?

Jess LVC

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Hi Emily, this is a great idea! its also very popular and microblading is the most popular treatment right now! What council do you fall under and do you need level 4 as a requirement to start? many misunderstand why people to level 4. The main reason is if your council requires you to have it. So if they don't you can start any course and be completed and ready to work within a month
+ LV College fees start at £1,895
+ You will need a special treatment licence to start from home and microblading insurance (roughly costs £260-£300 per year)
+ you can rent a room in a salon also (this is very popular). If you rent a room where someone else is doing say botox you can share clients

When were you thinking of doing the course?