Millenium UV top coat


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im looking for advise on millenium UV top coat. We usually use Gelux base/top coat if a client requests a high shine durable polish over nail enhancments. But have found that when applying it to a normal polish/ using as a top coat for twinkle toes/hollywood gel nails, that the other products are mixing with the Gellux Top Coat and interfering with the product. So as an alternative for customers who request a uv top coat, we thort wed try millenium uv top coat, not pricey but will still give that lasting high shine finish, having tried it on numerous guinea pigs and myself i have found that although cured under for the required 60 secs, it was still tacky. Cured it for longer and it was still tacky. Having tried a wipe off solution, the whole thing came off. Now i was wondering if anybody else had experienced this and did u find a resolution to this problem? is it because its cheap? and also what uv top coats did u find worked the best :)
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hi - i bought a millenium kit through Groupon recently and the gels are awful! so hard to get off. Having said that i cured top coat for 2 mins - no tackyresidue and didnt need wiping. looked lovely but a bugger to get off and really damaged my lady's nails

Hi there I know this is a old thread but I was hoping my replay would will pop up. I recently bought the millennium chrome kit from the whosalers. I'm confused at what stage do you use the strengthener gel? Xx