Mina Henna Brow

I'm wanting to hear from people who have trained with Mina Henna Brow products and their reviews?

I'm wanting to do a course and as I am completely new to brows I want a course that covers all waxing, mapping and henna instead of having to do a wax and tint course and henna separate.

Mina henna has come up a few times but after some reamserach I'm getting very mixed reviews.


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try Katie @ the brow academy in sheffield. She's amazing at what she does. also owns @thebrowlounge


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Im a Mina trainer and I'm very happy with the products and with all the trainers that I've met. If you use the search function you can find lots of comments here about henna brows.

Ive seen some complaints about poor quality training - there are a few non Mina trainers who use Mina they've imported themselves, so check whether you will get a Mina certificate. You can't buy Mina in the UK without it.

Mina also do a henna tint application course and a brow shaping with henna tint application course. The students that don't do the brow shaping training moan like mad that "no-one showed me how to do that" when they join a Facebook group and see gorgeous work. I even had a complaint made from a tint application only trainee that I hadn't trained her in shaping after she saw a demo at a trade show. Of course, she hadn't booked the shaping course and I had the emails where I had recommended the full course to her but she declined. What was interesting was that Mina took her complaint very seriously and investigated straight away. This particular lady had years and years of experience and she couldn't teach herself how to shape as well as Mina girls. So I think this shows how much added value there is on the full course. I have micro bladers and HD brow artists that say how much they learned on the shaping course.

If you don't train with Mina you can't join their Facebook group for Mina qualified artists to ask for help - we're very responsive to questions. People do forget their training and ask questions that it's a bit worrying that they don't know. But the correct information is provided very quickly on the Mina group Usually the poster will say "no-one taught me that" but it's stuff that the trainer will always cover, like where to do a patch test.

There has been a bit of Mina bashing online which coincided with some new companies setting up and creating excitement. Some of it was a bit personal which was unpleasant. I had a Mina trainee set up a henna brow course on my doorstep using products from one of these companies and they totally ripped off the Mina training. It shows that the other company hadn't got proper training materials together and that they didn't really understand their products. They still aren't even VAT registered yet, so they're tiny. I looked at their training video and had a laugh. I've been doing henna brows for 18 months (about half of my brow tinting work has switched over to henna) and I wouldn't buy a henna product that doesnt give you precise directions on usage because there is science behind henna application. You need to be able to trouble shoot and know what causes what in order to tweak a result for a client. My clients are always changing their look with different hair colouring and so on, so I have to subtly change their brows from time to time.

Mina is now big enough to be very professional. The training has been upgraded with great new resources.

There were a few issues with slow order fulfilment at the beginning of the year. Demand for Mina went mental- I was swamped with training enquiries. Shipments were being totally pre sold before they'd cleared customs. Plus the trainers were stockpiling pre-Brexit. One trainer bought up an entire shipment! A few trainers were caught out with courses booked and no stock - we were all told to order stock for training courses a month in advance, but I think a few new trainers arranged courses thinking they'd get kit delivered within a couple of days. Mina has built up 3 months supply stocks now and many of the trainers sell Mina by the sachet to their students which has improved things no end.

The Mina training course from scratch is about 8 hours long. You need to learn safe hair removal with wax plus henna application plus shaping. It's a lot to learn. You get a lot of support after the course with your case studies. I also run reduced price refresher days - doing the course again if I have a spare space or a small course. If I don't get case studies in from a trainee I make contact with them after a few months and offer a refresher session.

I'd strongly recommend that you train in facial waxing because this is a good add on service to a henna brow. Outback Organics in Taunton do a course amongst other options. They stock lots of different heaters and wax and it's really worth taking time to consider your equipment and wax products. I touch upon it in the Mina course and I have lots of different heaters and wax, but there isn't time to discuss or try everything.

Bear in mind that this is a busy time of year for qualified therapists. The demand for training slows right down because we're all busy doing treatments, going on holiday and spending time with our families. Trainers who also do treatments like me aren't running many courses - we have to think about whether we will have time to properly support trainees with their case studies. My next course is September.

I hope you find this helpful. Keep us updated with your progress.