Misleading, mistake or downright duped?


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I was recently considering stocking a new retail product.

When the company starting advertising, "Secure your exclusive 5 mile radius" I thought, "Yowzers, I better get in there before someone else!!

I phoned the company concerned and can't tell you how impressed I was with the gentleman I spoke to.

Not only would I be the only distributer within 5 miles, but he also explained to me that he had turned down an offer from Sally's to stock their product so he could retain control of where this fabulous product was being stocked.

I was delighted to be part of this wonderful company.

I have just noticed a hairdressing salon less than 1 mile from me has the product in their window.:eek:

If I hadn't been promised exclusivity I wouldn't actually mind.

Why do companies do this? It just leads to resentment and lack of respect for suppliers.


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Surely this is mis-selling, so if you have signed a contract or deal that's your get out should you want one? However I would call him, explain and ask why this is the case? When your promised exclusivity!


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I've seen posts on Facebook saying they weren't asked where they were before becoming a stockist and I also know that they now have distributors who appear to be selling UK wide so it must be increasingly difficult to keep this 5 mile thing.

Shouldn't have promised you this and it's definitely affected whether you will continue stocking them.

It's happened to me - suppliers promising the world when they are small and as they grow, so do their noses with the untruths they tell and the promises disappear in favour of ££££


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To be fair, I didn't sign anything. That is, perhaps, a lesson learned for the future. I just feel I've got a bit of egg on my face as I made a big thing in my advertising of being the only stockist in the area.

I agree that when other distributors become involved it may become increasingly difficult to monitor but still.....

My understanding is that the new distributor was only allocated a certain area but, I know from posts on here, that they were selling to salons outwith that area.

Just a bit disappointed

Happened to me too if a product you sell goes into sallys :) everyone and their purple rinse grannies has a trade card :D