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Aug 3, 2018
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Hoping for a bit of advice on mixing ratios for wella Blondor Cream Bleach from the hair pros if possible?

I’ve touched up my grey roots on 3 occasions during lockdowns..... and yes I know this is strongly advised against but vanity got the better of me I’m ashamed to admit! my NVQ level 2 hair studies have been put on hold so not yet qualified.

it took me ALL day and I was absolutely terrified but the results were ok..... I used 6% welloxon developer with wella soft blonde cream bleach and olaplex 1.... please believe me when I say I didnt go into this lightly and that I have the utmost respect for qualified hairdressers that have gained years of experience and knowledge, I’m in awe of you guys! I’ve never had to do anything so difficult, doing the back was an absolute nightmare. I have a lot of grey and white hair (80% maybe) and a natural level 6 which is only really visible at the nape now. My hair comes up a clean level 10.

I have two questions..... when is the ratio 1:1.5 used as opposed to 1:2? And is max processing time of 50 mins from after the bleach has been applied? I apply the front, process and wash off before starting the back, but the back stil takes me 30 mins to apply.... that would mean it’s on for over an hour.

Thanks in advance, keep safe and well X
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