Mobile beauty couch - recommendations


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I need a beauty couch that is height adjustable and can be put into a reclinable position and is fairly lightweight.
It needs to be suitable for waxing, facials, massage etc.
Years since I did mobile treatments and it's only for occasional use but I would like to buy something that's good quality.
So personal recommendations would be great, thank you !

I bought my bed from Ebay for around £50 when i used to be mobile. Lightweight (ish), adjustable legs, various elevated positions, included attachments like face rest for massage and folded to suitcase size. ☺


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I got mine off Amazon for about £75, it's made by H-Root. The legs are height adjustable, elevated positions, face hole and arm rest and other attachments come with it. Like all portable beauty beds, it's not that light and it's a pain in the bahookie to maneuver around tight corners in hallways :/ but needs must, right?