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How do mobile hairdressers prices vairy from salon prices? What equipment do you need if you are going to other peoples houses? I still have a year until I'm qualified but I want to go mobile once I am so any advice about setting up mobile would be great. I also want to get an idea on how much I am going to have to spend to kit myself out so I can start saving now.


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hi im not a hairdresser but my friend is a mobile hairdresser she takes box of colours, bleach , hair straighners tongs, (perm stuff only if booked in ), shampoo ,conditioner straight balm anti frizz spray hair dryer towels foils its all come in one big bag it cost her around £400-500 to get started but she earns around £400 in 1 week she only use to get paid £170 a week in the salon its what i want to do once i start my course im gonna do beauty and hair dont know if this helps but good luck
the prices she takes £20 off so if i want a colour and cut the salon charge £65 she charges me £45 which is preety good
Don't expect to earn huge amounts straight off, it takes time to build a business and you pick up most clients by 'word of mouth'.

If I were you I'd try to get a couple of days a week in salon to gain experience and pick up speed. I find clients will always ask which salons you've worked in.

You also need to think about fixing your price structure to your experience. Clients pay more for an experienced stylist than a junior stylist so try to bare that in mind when designing your price list. You can charge less than salons as you dont have the huge overheads but bare in mind you do have to cover car, tax, fuel, products,insurance etc. so don't lower the price to 'silly' prices. You will spend alot of time travelling from A to B and you're not earning anything in that time so give yourself a certain distance and charge by the mile if you go outside that area.

If you can do a good hair up then bridal is the way to go. It's very lucrative and if you can get to know a few make up artists you will find you can team up and get recommendations from them.

Hope all goes well for you :)

Im actually a trained make up artist so was thinking about foing bridal :)

I'm hoping to do 2 days a week in a salon while I do my level 2 nest year to get more experiance. I'm lucky enough that my husband can surport me while I get going, though wont be till I have finished my level 2, just want to get my head around what I will need to be doing etc so when I am qualified i can get stuck in :)

I don't want to ruin things for you but I'd be careful of running before you can walk. Just because you are "qualified" and get your level 2 doesn't mean you know what you are doing. If you are mobile you are on your own with no back up or anyone to ask for advise.

What happens if you turn up at someones house and they want something drastic doing?

My advise would be work in a salon for at least a year to gain valuable experience and to learn from other stylists. The year after you qualify is the time you develop and "become a stylist".

Hope this helps and I don't mean to be harsh, just don't want you to make any mistakes. x

I compleatly agree with what your saying which is why im going to be working in a salon as of september to get more experiance and will stay there until I am fully qualified and have built up my mobile business. Im really just thinking for the future :)


Once your used to working in a salon & having everything you need at hand its a real pain going mobile, tons of stuff to take with you & customers kitchens / bathrooms are not always ideal for the job in hand. Dont want to put a dampner on you but you do have to take that into consideration.

I really dontwant to spend the rest of my life working for someone else hense the plan to be mobile until I am ready for my own salon which wont be for about 10 years.

Hi there.

Just let me know if there is anything you want to know about mobile hairdressing.
I have spent the last 25 years on and off as a mobile hairdresser. I have also during the last 8 years been trained in beauty therapy and holistic therapy, and advanced reflexology. I am now working part time in a salon, but wont be there much longer as I do intend to go mobile again.
I will be offering hairdressing, tanning, beauty treatments, holistic treatments on a mobile basis.
I really miss being full time mobile, and I think it does you good to have a change occasionally and work in a salon - makes you realise what you've missed (including the money!!)

Mobile hairdressing is hard work, its physically demanding (heavy bags), and you can sometimes feel isolated, but I prefer it anyday tbh.


What do you think a good amount of money to have saved up to get myself started would be? By the time I start properly I will be doing hair, waxing, make up and tanning, well maybe not all when I start but over the next few years.

I know i wont be making much to start with but thats fine as my husband has a good job so I can take my time biluding up.

Thank you for that, from what you said with the hairdressing things I have all that5 plus more already from my kit at college and a few extr bits I have picked up in the last year.

I hadnt though about the not liking services, but you brought up some good points thank you.