Mobile spa on wheels


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Hi Guys! At the moment I’m working from home doing massage, waxing. I’m downsizing as the children left home and moving to a different county. i will not have room to work from home and wont to keep my actual clients. I dont want to rent or work on anyone space. I am thinking on getting a van and convert into a mobile treatment space. Does anyone here doing it or have any idea what the pros and cons, the best vans to get, who can fit something like it. Many thanks

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Check out tiny houses uk! I’d live in one if I could!

As long as you have somewhere to park it when you aren’t on location they would be suitable, but i’ve seen all sorts of sprinter vans made into homes and spas.

Hygiene/running water would be the main concern so as long as you have access to clients taps and kettles for hand washing/cleaning up after/ you wouldn’t even need to build a sink in it, so space savings and less cost.