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Apr 19, 2010
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hi geeks,

i'm thinking of getting my sister to help me out with tanning, i'm in so much demand that I'm losing clients, so my sister has offered to tan also.

Obviously she would need training, can i do that or would she need a proffessional certificate?

How would i work out how much i pay her etc so its worth her while and i make a small share from using my business name etc?



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Jun 2, 2010
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Kent, uk
Wow that's great that you have so much business.
I would say pay wise for you to take a percentage from her - I presume she will buy her own kit and buy her own solution? If not you will need to consider this in the amount you take from her.
As far as training goes she will need to be insured and will therefore need to be officially trained I would imagine (you will have to check this with your insurance company). That said there is no harm in you teaching her YOUR way of doing things - I learnt most of my tanning techniques from other tanners after my training and am happier with my application this way rather than how I was trained...it's surprising how many extra things you pick up without realising.
Another thing you should perhaps consider is talking to your customers about this first. The reason I mention this is that I know my customers have said in the past how they love MY tan rather than all the other people out there...I have their business because of MY skill...if I got someone else to do it for me I'm not so sure they would keep coming back.


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Jul 28, 2011
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I have to agree, she will need proper training with certificate, but u can give her tips etc. U will have to get her to do loads of practsing til she is confident... But again as already said, people like YOUR work. I'd get her to buy her own kit, practise like mad n give u a % of each customer u pass her way, I know its ur sister so this prob won't happen but there may become a point when she is confident and busy n thinks "why should I give u a %"or what if ur customers start to prefer her tans?

If I am honest I think it would work better in a salon/room one kit, split the rent/hours/profit. If your busy, ur obviously good, being in one place maybe easier and save u time (ie no driving set up etc) so u'd prob be able to fit more clients in urself.

Good luck with what ever u do, just think its a slightly tricky situation xx

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