Mobile waxing

Hello, I am a mobile beauty therapist! I just wanted some advice & recommendations really.
What is the best thing you use to put your wax pot on in a clients house, like a mobile trolley etc? Not sure what to buy..
Also what to store the wax equipment in in car journeys to avoid any spills
Just any advice you can give really
Thanks in advance xx

If the wax is cold and layed on a flat base in boot of your car inbetween stuff it shouldnt spill. You could get some hard thick cardboard and cut out pot sized holes and place pots in then half way up that will stop them tipping in the boot....failing that there are roll on waxes that come in hand held containers u heat in a microwave that virtually minimise any damage and are small and more practicable than pots ...however not sure how good they are?
I am struggling not getting all hairs out of some clients and one client went really red and blotchy so unless I can find an answer as to why I wont be offering it as a service which is a shame as I love wa xing and wanted to do an intimate wax course.

I use phd wax pot I sit it in a small plastic tray ( Like a dinner tray ) place it in clear plastic box then next to it wedged is a water proof cosmetic bag containing after wax cream gloves strips etc. It never spills as wax tube lids can be put back on after use, I also use wax tube lids to tip small amount of wax in for eyebrows then snap wooden spatula in half and use that as applicator. I rarely take it out of the clear box so never risk spilling , if I do take it out For a long session I sit the wax pot including tray on top of the lid of large clear box.


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Go into Home Bargains and grab one of those crates with the lining material in. It looks quite pretty, holds all the waxing bits and will keep upright in the car in the footwell x