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Dorota Palicka International Nail Artist & Educato
Hi girls I'm doing some research what kind of nail art training you are most interested to atend. What kind of designs your clients are requesting.
What will be your number one to go on : one stroke nail art training, 3d designs, jewellery nail art, Zhostovo nail art, free hand painting, Aquarelle nail art, mix media, soak off gel polish designs, acrylic flat designs..... What kind of training do you missed in your area. Thank you for any info
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I've only just started thinking about training so don't really know what's in my area but to start with I'd be interested in free hand and gel polish design.

I'm confident with easy stuff like dots, lines, carving & have done a few things like the galaxy nails but would like to see how I to use acrylic paint and trying out some different brushes to give me an idea before I buy.



On seeing the nails you produce I would want to do it all as they are just stunning, but I would say one stroke and flat acrylic design would definitely be top on my list. Hth,s. ps I would come to you for training if I could produce anything close to your nails.x

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I do both onestroke and 3d and plan to do courses on them next year.


Dorota Palicka International Nail Artist & Educato
Looks like a one stroke is n the top. That my favorite nail art designs as well. We can do something simple and looks cool and our clients are well impresed that it is all free hand :) I did start run my salon in 2009 first sets of the nails where nothing like this ones I can do now- But it is all practise and training. I still keep pictures of my first setts of the nails, my first one stroke -hihi Which didn't even look like a flowers. I do believe that training is really importand in this industry. That why I do choose some great Nail Tech all over the world to atended there training to improove my skills and learn new techniques. Some times is no easy as I do live in the middle of nowhere - small vilage in Highlands so the nearest airport is few houres away. On last training we did have to travel 12 h down the south of England then 7h on ferry then another 3h But it was most emaizing Nail tech I have meet. My ead is bursting of new ideas and I can see huge progress.