Moving out: how, when and who with?


So I'm in the process of moving out! Just wanna hear all your stories on how and when you moved out, who with and any problems you faced? :) xxx


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I officially get the keys to my flat with my boyfriend a week today, I'm 20 been together almost 4 years and this is my first flat so excited/scared/happy all at the same time!!! Would be interested to know other peoples stories too x x


Divorced twice....had to pay tens of thousands to both! ....I was lead to believe payment was the other way around. Lies.


4 years ago. I was 19. Moved in with my boyfriend, who turned to fiancé, who is now husband.
Told my mum and dad I was thinking about maybe moving out in a few months. That was the Wednesday. I move out Sunday haha.
It's hard at first, for like 6 months, to adjust to living with someone new. But then you start to work out the kinks an I haven't looked back :)

Laura xx


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Moved out at 17 (lots of arguments, more about me wanting to move out) while mum was away on holiday, my one bed rented flat with my 50p electric meter and £32 pw rent was cheaper than living at home lol
Left the county at 18 with a friend, shared a house with her to split bills, moved again back closer to mum yrs later after she moved counties, realised why I left home in the 1st place and moved back here to my roots 14 yrs ago :)
My mum and her boyfriend wanted to live together. For this to happen I needed to move out, so him and his two children could move in. I met my partner and 4 months later moved in with him. I was trying to save some money so I could put it towards rent, but my mum was desperate for her boyfriend to move in and i had to leave.

My mum finds it very hard now as I did all the cleaning, cooked most meals and did the washing for her. My brother and her boyfriends kids don't do anything around the house.

Even though I moved in with my partner quickly and we've only been together a year. I've never looked back, my relationship is better with my family and me and my partner are still very happy together. We each have flaws that annoy the other but we work together to reduce those flaws.

It's getting to the point that when my partners working away for the night, I struggle to fall asleep.

Moving out was the best choice I ever made. :)


I moved out with my boyfriend to a lovely brand new apartment in August, we did the first buy scheme so we own it and paid 5% deposit and they take 20% back when we sell. I've had a bad run of salons and currently looking for work so it's very stressful with the mortgage and constant bills, but love having my own place I couldn't go back home now! Xx


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I moved out with my boyfriend now husband when I was 19. We had been together for 5 years. We brought a flat, did it up and exactly 12 months later moved out brought a house, did that up sold that 18 months later and have been living in our current house for 9 years this year. Moving 3 times in less than 3 years was hard work and stressful but we made money and got into our dream house aged 23 so it was worth it and I can't see us ever moving from here. We didn't plan to move out but my husband's parents were moving away only an hour away but it started us talking about buying a place and fortunately for us it was a few months before the housing boom started so we were very lucky and got on the property ladder before the prices of houses went up. I missed my parents to start with but you soon get into it and its great having your own home :)


My partner and I moved out in July, when I was 24. We had been together 6 and a half years at this point but had always said we would stay at home until we could buy somewhere. We basically lived it up for the first 6yrs of our relationship, decided to start saving our deposit in Nov 12 and then put in an offer on our gorgeous flat in Mar 13. Although he drives me insane at times I couldn't imagine not living with him now; I love it when he goes away for a night as I can watch girly films and get Chinese (which he hates!) but I miss him like crazy if he goes away for longer than that!


I moved out when I was 21, lived in a 15th century cottage with a girl who was renting out her room after her divorce. We had the best times ever.


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I moved in with my now Husband when I was 23. I tried to move out before but my Mum scuppered my plans without me realising until later down the line. We are still in this house all these years later, dreaming about a new house but not actually doing much about making it a reality. I'm desperate for a downstairs treatment room and a drive!


I moved out in September 2012 (18) into a place on my own, had to leave in April because of funding, and moved in to a temporary support house, and someone moved in too in Sept, which is a nightmare! And am in the process of moving out of there because I just can't live with someone who has no living skills what-so-ever, and who smokes weed every day...(am I'm totally anti-drug and drink!) so what I've learnt - don't live with people!
Can't wait to be in a place where I actually want to be, and Im not constantly worrying if the place is on fire, or if the front door is left open, or how many times the gardai are going to call and question (the twit!)

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I moved out when I was 18 to live in halls at uni, never moved back home! Lived with acouple of friends then lived on my own (bliss) then lived with my boyfriend who is now my husband and we brought our first home 2 years ago. Although I love my parents I love living away from the family home! Enjoy! Xx


Moved out 6 months ago. Never had a close relationship with parents. Its now a lot stronger with my dad but still isnt good with my ma and is slowly getting worse. I moved in woth my boyfriend. We're getting engaged in a few months time. U realise how much was done for you at home e.g washing cleaning etc so of your quite messy like me and have an even messier partner its hell in that way!! The house we live in is in dire need of repair and makes me sometimes cry but I would choose my two bedroomed terrace with a weed grower next door and in one of the worst areas in birmingham to my parents swanky 4 bedroom 3 bathroom detached house in the wealthiest area of birmingham in a private estate any day! BECAUSE I AM TRULY INDEPENDENT! and life is what WE MAKE IT not who you might live with or where you live!!

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I moved out 4 years ago (16) as my mum moved abroad, I got a little council flat with my boyfriend who is now my fiance, (we had been together since i was 13) we stayed there 3 and a half years and have now moved in to our own house on the rent to buy scheme.
I absolutely adore my new home!
We are struggling slightly atm as we are just getting used to paying a bigger rent and bills each month (we have a months arrers!)
But we should be back on track next month!

Then we shall be getting married!!

Best thing I did moving out I have become so much more independent!


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I'm 20 and me and my boyfriend have just bought our first house. We get the keys in just under 2 weeks and we are super excited!!!


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I was 15 a few months before my 16th. My dad tried to ground me as I wanted to stay around a friends house. I had never been grounded before & did until then practically what I liked. So I moved out & moved in to my then boyfriends place. I was back home by 17 & pregnant after the relationship turning very violent by his hands he then left me when I was 3 months pregnant for a 15 yr old school girl.


I was 15 a few months before my 16th. My dad tried to ground me as I wanted to stay around a friends house. I had never been grounded before & did until then practically what I liked. So I moved out & moved in to my then boyfriends place. I was back home by 17 & pregnant after the relationship turning very violent by his hands he then left me when I was 3 months pregnant for a 15 yr old school girl.
WOAHHHHHHH!! what a dick!

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lynn amber

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Moved in with my boyfriend ( council flat) at 21 ,had been together 8 months, then 9 months after that we bought a house together been in it nearly 9 years now :)

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I moved into a one bedroom flat 2 years ago with my partner of 6 years.

To begin with all was amazing we never had the money to do the flat up how we wanted but we managed just about!
2 years down the line I'm back home though we're still together! We realised that a one bedroom flat is not great for personal space and our work schedules ment we were together basically all the time. As much as we love eachother we've realised that your own time and space is essential and we couldn't have that whilst we were both there.

I am hopefull that in the future we will live together again as we know we want to stay together and eventually have a family but my advice would 've to make sure you get a good balance of them having their own time on their own or with friends and you having your own time! Don't suffocate eachother and enjoy the new venture!! Good luck! X

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