MoYou London stamping rant


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Hello ladies,

I've had some bad stamping experiences in the past, and things took some trial and error, but nothing quite like this!
I'm sure all of you head about MoYou London - they're quite popular where I live, and their Instagram feed is full of wonderful designs, that are seemingly fool-proof and easy to use.
I first ordered their stamping plates, which I have to admit, are good quality. The designs are etched deeply enough so that they transfer well, and there are a lot to choose from. With my next order, I added their stamping polishes in black, white and bronze, and their rectangular clear stamper. What a nightmare!

The polishes dry soooo fast, you can't be quick enough to transfer them to the nails. Especially after you've had the polished opened for a month or so. The stamper is crap. I tried contacing them, and they suggested two ways to prime the stamper. I first used NailFresh, which didn'thelp at all. After I was supposed to lightly buff the surface, which I thought was a bit counter productive for a clear stamper, because it just gets muddy. Anyway I tried it, and that didn't help either. What a waste of money!

I had a client today which wanted a design stamped with bronze stamping polish. Unfortunately, I only had MoYou polish at hand. I tried ALL my stampers (2 different Bornpretty stampers, which always work wonderfully with other polishes, Konad, MoYou), but none worked. It was so frustating for me and the client, since we wasted half an hour for a single design. I ended up lowering the price of the service because of it. I was pissed! So I had to rant and let it out here - hopefully I'll spare someone else some money and nerves!

There are so many cheaper alternatives for stampers and staping polishes - I would advise you to stay away from MoYou London.


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I like my moyou plate but I use a yours stamper and normal polish with it