My Daughter ripped her nail off, will it grow back?


Hi all,
A few days ago my lovely 10 year old daughter came off her scooter & her nail on her ring finger was lifted from the nail bed up! It was the most awful thing to watch my Molly in sooo much pain. :cry:
I took her to A&E & they were brilliant with her. They saw her straight away but poor thing had to have two injections in the base of her finger then when it was numb they cut the whole nail off. After the Doc cleaned it up she said a specialist had told her to place the old nail back on so when the new nail grows back it will be smooth & not all ridgey.

I'm interested to hear from anyone with similar experience of this kind of nail damage & if they think the new nail will grow back ok.

She had a pain free night lastnight & I've got to take her back tomorrow to have the dressing changed again. Fingers crossed there's no infection.

Thanks for reading my thread
Lorrie x


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hi lorrie, how awful, poor little mite! i have a client who was on holiday with a new set of extentions on and she was pulling herself out of the pool when she slipped and ripped off two whole nails (yes oooouuuuccchhhh!!!!!!!) This was a couple of years ago now but you could never tell it had happened unless she told you, they look exactly the same. With your daughter being so young i would think the regrowth of the nail will be much faster and she will have her nail back in no time.


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I trapped my finger in a door & it had to be taken off the same way & mine has grown back but it is slightly ridged & my lunelar is a funny shape & i have really flat nails but this one now has a lovely shape to it now!!!

It should grow back xxxxxx


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Also i forot to say it also depends on how much damage is made to the matrix xx


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Awww poor little thing....

I am sure i have heard this too....i saw on tv a girl who ripped her nail off...and the doc pushed it back in....eeekkk...

I see no reason why the nail shouldn't grow back again....the cells will still be produced and keratinised so surely unless the matrix is damaged the nail will regrow fine.


I ripped mine off via an acrylic but it grew back and looks fine - altho it did hurt alot at the time!


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My eldest boy had his nail ripped off his thumb a few years ago and the hospital re attached his nail and although he was in tremendous pain then it healed well and quite quickly and you would never know it had happened now.
Secondly though my youngest son had a concrete paving slab fall on his big toe and this caused a compund fracture in his toe { the bone piercing the skin} This bone actually came through where the nail should be and now he has a large grove in his nail always and it all seperates into lots of layers.

I do hope your little one isn't suffering too much with it and that everything is ok as I am sure it will be.


my 10 year old daughter did exactly the same thing at christmas!!!

took her to a&e,they injected the base of her little finger but they replaced the nail back in.they lifted up the cuticle area and slid it back in..not nice!then they put some tape stitches on to hold in place.

we went back twice to have dressing changed,then back to have stitches out.

but its fine now and grows well.

my 3 year trapped her finger while we were waiting at the hospital to see her consultant.
she fell and trapped her finger down a automatic doors. lickly for us she was been called my the consultant, he took one look at it, phoned the childrens ward and asked for calpol, next stop was a&e, where they were expectiing us, as the nurse had phoned ahead.
her nail was hanging off, after an x ray to check her finger was not broken, they pushed the back into place and put steri-strip over the top. no local in it atall, luckily she did not scream.
after about 4 weeks her nail fell off naturally and the new has grown up in it place, no damage at all.


i ripped my nail off on a jet ski about 12 months ago and it was horrible! but it grew back fine and if you looked at my nails you wouldn't be able to tell which on it is.
your daughter will be fine but i feel for her as mine hurt like mad.


Thankyou to everyone who has taken the time to reply to my thread. You've put my mind at rest that Mollys nail will grow back ok. Although I am still a tad worried she may have damaged the matrix as the nail lifted from that end.
But heres hoping her young little body will mend as well as all of yours seem to have done.
I was suprised to read so many had suffered the same painful thing. Made my wince reading them!
Thanks again
Lorrie x


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On City hospital this morning a young girl about 3-4 yrs old had cut off the end of her finger so they operated and pulled off her natural nail, sewed the finger end back on and then used surgical glue to stick her own nail (the one they pulled off) back on then put a bandage on it...they said it would grow back just fine.


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hiya i saw city hospital aswell this morning that poor little girl they did stick the nail back on tho to make the new nail grow better wow brave little girl im sure if that i my finger i would have been more of a pain to the doctors than she was bless her! i hope your daughter feels better soon xx


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I lost my thumb nail once ....looked pretty gross coming off ....but grew back fine just a little flatter than the reat but looks ok now no problems...