My Gelish won't cure


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ok, so i got the base coat and polish from gelish, but neither of them would cure under my uv lamp. the lamp works just fine because i use it with the acrilic nails, but the gelish won't cure even if i leave it twice the time and apply really thin coats. no matter what i do it always comes out wet and sticky. what can i do?

You dont say if you're using top it off? Or if its bought from Harmony? Are you using harmony cleanse to cleanse the top it off after curing? If you could go through your steps it'd give us a clue where the problem may lie.

Are you sure the lamps working? When you say it cures acrylic nails ok this confuses me because acrylic does not need a uv lamp to cure it. A uv lamp is for gel. When gel nails finish curing in a uv lamp they have a sticky layer that needs wiping off with isopropyl alcohol. Have you been trained to do nails?

It is supposed to be tacky hon as it allows any additional layers to adhere. As mentioned you need to wipe off tacky layer when finished x

Oops also meant to say you should also be dry brushing with Gelish xx

Oops also meant to say you should also be dry brushing with Gelish xx
The only time i dry brush is with French and black shadow to make it crisper. I've seen lots of people say it's one of the steps involved with the application of Gelish but mine always looks perfect even though i don't dry brush.

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