My (New) Nails Kiosk


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Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I'm chuffed! (sp?)

Zarra - Those curved whithe things are dust extration units that also work as arm rests

Nailzoo - The rent isn't as high as one might think, i did pay entry fees for 6 years contract, but the rent is more or less what i woul have to pay in a street shop (but it is very small.. just 9 m2)


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It looks absolutely stunning. I love the way the client sits facing inwards on such a comfy looking chair. I wish you all the luck in the world for your venture :hug:


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Wow, not what I was expecting to see. When you said kiosk, I thought 'little trolly with canopy over the top'. Goodness was I wrong! :o

It's gorgeous. Well done and good luck. x


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Fabulous - I'd love to sit and have my nails done there:)


I want one, I want one, I want one - super and gorgeous I am not a fan of having my nails done in a shopping centre or mall but your kiosk has completely changed my mind on that one.


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It looks absolutly fab :)

Good luck!!!!:)


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Its beautiful,
i want it too :hug:


Wow what a brilliant idea, love it, I want one to lol love the colours it looks really posh I would love to sit in there having my nails done.

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Wow, it looks fantastic! The hot pink is eye-catching yet sophisticated and not in-your-face at all. I love the dark wood as well :)

The passing trade should be great, best of luck!! :hug:

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Excellent! I wish you lots of success xxx


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WOW this is fantastic!

I want one too, but might look stupid in my livingroom:green:

Wish you the best of luck!

chantell simone

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I didn't know what to expect when hearing the word kiosk

But you have done a wonderful job, good luck with it all


WOW :green: its fabulos differant to anything ive seen before, the best of lucj 2 u xx


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Wow , this looks great, and when one customer sees another having a pampering nail service in your beautiful luxury Kiosk , they will all want them done, I hope you are busy busy busy good luck :hug: minky


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Just wanted to let everyone know that the kiosk is a sucess. The malls has lots of visits and we've had very nice comments, lots of walk-ins, and a very nice share of booking.
Of course i already had a confortable client base, but still...
Thanks everyone for your encouragement and nice comments about the design.
I'm simply chuffed to bits :D


Great to hear it is doing well. The design is brilliant and sophisticated. I can't believe how well you used the space. I just love it!
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