My Tips for a Perfect Rollerset!

Spa Clearwater

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1. Start with very wet hair. It is easier to roll this way and your sets will be better.

2. Use a setting lotion. I swear by diluted Lottabody.

3. Keep hair very wet throughout the whole process. If the unrolled hair starts to dry before you roll it, re-mist it with water.

4. Always start at the crown and work your way down.

4. Roll in the direction that you wear your hair. If you wear a middle part, then roll on the left side of the part going down, and the do the same on the right side. The same goes for side parts. If you wear your hair off your face, then roll going back on the top, and then same on the side as if you wear rolling for a part.

5. Try to make your parts even, so that the hair will dry evenly. Use a fine toothed rat's tails comb when doing this and be sure the smooth the hair out at each section right before rollin with the fine toothed comb. This will help give you smooth tangle free curls.

6. Rollers- I prefer JetSet EZ grip rollers (available at sally's). They are a bit easier to roll with, and if you use the right size, you will have pretty curls. Some people like magnetic, (i don't), but again, it's what works for you.

7. Use the correct size roller for your length. Short hair can use rollers up to an 1-1/4", medium from 1-1/4" - 1- 3/4" and long from 1-3/4 on up.

8. Roll under fairly tightly. You want to apply a good amount of tension so that the curls will dry smoothly and not have crinkles.

9. Once you have rolled the hair, you need to secure. With magnetic rollers, you clips, and for JetSet rollers, use pins. If you are using big rollers, secure the pin inside the roller, instead of the outside. Position the pin so that it is against the scalp, in the opposite direction if the way the hair was rolled, so that it secures the roller.

10. Sit under a hot dryer until fully dry. The amount of time will depend on your hair length and size of curls.

11. When unrolling, remove from the bottom of the head, making your way towards the top.

12. Finger style, and if you want, lightly press out your roots on the top so that it is not too full.

This should last a week if you re-roll or pin curl at night. It looks better the longer you wear it if maintained properly.


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Thank you, this was very informative. My only suggestion besides that would be once you remove your rollers, let the hair cool for 2-5 minutes before styling. Cooled down curls are the prettiest curls in my opinion. Helps add to the finishing last touch, which in this business is the last five minutes needed to be taken to ensure that your client is satisfied and you have them coming back for another set in a week! Happy rolling!