My travels with spray tan products/equipment/general


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I want to do a spray tan course next year and have been investigating on which company to do it with/and what spray tan gun to purchase.
However it is so hard to make a decision as there are so many!
I have spoken to a few companies about their products/equipment but of course they all believe theirs is the best.
I have found some good advice on old forums on salongeek however I wish to take it one step further and try out all the different solutions.

So I propose to have a spray tan once a fortnight and I will document my experience/information on here to hopefully help future therapists come to a decision too.

I hope you find it helpfull and please comment where you feel necessary and suggest tans for me to try out too.

I will also post photos where appropriate.

Thank you for taking the time to read this x


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I have booked my first tan for Saturday.
It will be with the product Santana.
I will let you know how it goes and any information given to me by the company