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Hi all
I was hoping to get some advice on the tinting procedure during a lash lift. It says in the treatment procedure instructions to apply the tint after Step 2, whilst the upper lashes are still attached to the shield. Then to remove it with a clean dry micro brush, before applying Step 3 nourishing solution to remove the lashes from the shield. I followed the instructions but my client complained of the tint going in her eyes & causing them to sting quite badly. I suspect that this was because it was applied to the lower lashes directly rather than with the upper lashes as in a general eyelash tint.

My question there a better way to incorporate the tint during the lash lift? Could the lash tint be done first of all as a separate treatment, then follow on with the lash lift? So that the tint can be applied & removed the usual way with wet cotton pads?

I find it strange that in a general lash tint the procedure is to remove all tint using wet cotton pads & to do an eye bath if the client has stinging. But then with a lash lift you arkit expected to remove the tint with a dry micro brush otherwise the lift will ruin?

Any help or advice will be appreciated, thank you.


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I’m not quite sure when you did the lower lashes.....
I tint on the shield after neutralisation
Then remove the tint carefully with a dry cotton bud, followed by a damp cotton bud.
Follow with your nourishing serum to help unstick the lashes from the shield
You can gently sweep the tint across the lower lashes with the client eyes semi open - but unless they are very fair I tend not to do this step.
Most lash brands advise against getting the lashes wet for 24 hrs, which is why they advise ‘damp’ cotton disk/bud for removal as opposed to the rinsing method


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I use mylash, when I do the tint I make sure I don’t put too much on otherwise it’s a pain in the butt to get off!

I pull the bottom lashes upwards with the tint and do them like that on the shield.

I use proper cotton buds to remove, I do this dry and kind of roll the cotton bud whilst moving upwards away from the eye so that the maximum of the cotton bud is used.

Be careful when removing the tint as it’s easy to move the lid and this makes the tint go in.


beaute naturelle
Great advice, thank you so much! Xx