Nail art must-haves?


Hello all, I’m starting out doing acrylic nails and part of that is the nail art side.
There are so many brushes, tools and accessories and I don’t want to buy something pointless.

Any recommendations? What are your top tips


I would highly recommend a basic nail art brush set and paint including gold/silver glitter and primary colors, rhinestones various size kit (dont go cheap it is not worth it and is not as sparkly as it should be swarovski is always the best but expensive;just make sure to charge more for it), small assortment of loose glitter/pigments ( large and small glitter for sure silver and gold. Pigments like chrome, halo, pearl, color changing is a great basic start. Water transfer decal basic stuff like flowers etc. And lastly transfer foil because it is so much fun! But I always if you have enough funds recommend airbrushing.