Nail art on gel


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hi guys,
I want to start offereing nail art for clients at Christmas and was looking into stamping... I’ve never done stamping before so could anyone tell me what the best process is for this and stamping products?
Can you stamp with gel as I’m scared it will smudge when I transfer it?
Do I need to buff the gel before applying the stamp? I’m currently using the gel bottle if anyone has used stamping with this brand before? Thankyou


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For stamping you are best off using a stamping polish or another highly pigmented polish. You will also need a stamper, scraper, and the stamping plates themselves. If you have applied gel polish to the nail, you'll want to remove the sticky layer before stamping. There are plenty of brands for stamping, for example Moyra. There's some trial and error involved with stamping the first few attempts, but once you get the hang of it, it'll be easy.