Nail glitters


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What brand do you recommend for glitter for nails thankyou


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Light elegance have an amazing collection of glitter gels. I use them and they are gorgeous, I prefer it to for example loose glitter (although I use that too).


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If you are looking for loose glitters, I love Lecente. Very fine glitters that settle nice and smooth on the nail x


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Lecente here too - brilliant choice & magpie xxx


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another vote for lecente!

Diamond glitters have a good selection at good prices. Lecente are lovely but quite pricey but the pots are really big. Ink london have some lovely glitters too.


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I love magpie.

I have a mixture of lecente & diamond Glitters but the lecente Glitters very rarely get used....diamond Glitters ALWAYS get used. Highly recommend! X

Lecente glitters are just unreal you won’t beat them

Magpie does amazing glitters.


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I use two supplies for glitter... The Glitter Fairy @ Glitterplanet

The Glitter Fairy AND Glitterplanet NOT @ Glitterplanet

Another vote for Lecente glitters.