Nail Harmony or Young Nails?


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Hi again,

After hunting through 100s of forums on here, asking and figuring out logistics with my location I have decided to train with nail harmony or young nails, the course with nail harmony is actually based where I live where as I have to travel a few hours for the young nails one, however I hear that young nails are one of the BEST along with CND (dates dont work) . Was set on young nails till I found the nail harmony course going on in my town, any advice anyone? Would rather travel to get the best end result if thats the case.


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Just to let you know there is a Young Nails Training centre in Montrose, just an hour away from you. If you have any questions or I can help with anything, please feel free to contact me.
Lisa x


Can't comment on Young Nails as have no experience on them but I am a dedicated Nail Harmony user.
Gelish is fabulous and I love Fusion acrylic also.