Nail Wraps -whatever make and clients


Im thinking of offering a type of nail wrap, however Id like some feedback please on

:idea: Client nails when removing - with a buff and oil are they back to looking good?

:idea:How many clients repeat the treatment?

:idea:Has anyone noticed any particular brand being more adhesive than others

:idea:Which one/ones are more pliable to work with

:idea:Outlay - I know some need infra red lamps and some dont, what do you get for the extra price for the more expensive nail wraps - are they lighter? easier to manage etc

:idea:Service of the companies - do they go the extra mile, answer calls, emails, post quickly?

I could read about all the different wraps and this and that till my head hurts but I believe that the people who work and apply what they use can give me an honest reply

Thanks xx:)