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The Ed.

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Oct 19, 2011
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Scratch Magazine have launched their annual photographic competition featuring nail imagery and they are now open for entries.

'The Great Scratch Shoot Out!' is this year's hottest nail photography competition and gives every one an opportunity to get creative. It's an open theme which means that every nail tech can think outside the box and beyond. Each entry is judged on the following categories:

  • Nail skill & complexity
  • Originality of concept
  • Clarity and composition of shoot
  • Colour and lighting
  • Nail design
  • Model choice
  • Over all styling of the nails, model and photograph
  • Cover worthiness
There's no doubt this is a great opportunity to show off every creative bone in your body. All application forms are available to download from the Scratch website and winners will receive a cash price, trophy, certificate and a year's free subscription to Scratch magazine.

Can't say fairer than that.

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.


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